Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sorry I'm Bad

Autumn, fall, whatever the fuck you wanna call it

 The cold weather is creepin' up, here in the northwest and what better to do then to wear  Vintage goodwill boots and a badass olive jacket.

Life is full of stress and to many serious people. It's okay to act silly every now and then. Your already acting like a fool when you take everything serious, let loose, take a trip, be yourself for once.

Fashion will always be something i love <3. Different seasons, means different styles.

'Till next time.....


  1. Mizzcleo thank you for popping back into my life today, I was on youtube & randomly thought of your channel & You made me smile & laugh and took me back to high school again, when i used to watch your videos all the time. I always wanted to say thank you bc watching your videos always showed me that its awesome to be silly & crazy and comfortable in my own skin! I always related to you and thought you were the best and im like 5 years late but i wanted to say thank you & you're a beautiful person! I followed you on insta & idk what happened to my old youtube account but it disappeared, maybe or i forgot the username but anyways so i subscribed with my new one and this too so feel the love :) Stay sassy sally!!

  2. Mizzzcleo! You have to continue making videos! I started watching you before YouTube became what it is now! Anyways good to see ya ;)